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Celebration of Life

We offer to celebrate weddings and other special occasions at Dundurini during the warm months of the year in our Celebration House that was built in 2021. Dundurini is surrounded by beautiful nature of the ancient Arlava mannor park on the shores of the Lake Sasmaka.

Festivities and Celebrations

In 2021 the Celebration House was built on the banks of Lake Sasmaka, next to a hundred-year-old giant oak. This charming and airy place harmoniously merges with nature allowing the premises to be adapted to all kind of events – special moments, big and small celebrations, retreats, concerts, masterclasses, workshops etc. The surroundings of Arlava manor park, the old oak and the glimmering lake create the special aura to any stay and event

Celebration house has a transparent roof, and two walls are completely glazed allowing the guests to enjoy the event and dive into the majestic of the nature around.

The total area of ​​the celebration house is 308m2, of which 168m2 is the celebration hall itself, 40m2 is occupied by a spacious, equipped kitchen and a 100m2 terrace. The Celebration House comfortably hosts the events for up to 70 people seated at the dining tables. The spacious kitchen provides the support for your chosen chef or catering service, while the terrace is an excellent place for champagne reception after the wedding ceremony, fireworks or watching an outdoor movie.

After the ceremony, you can organize the champagne or the celebratory meal yourself, or our catering partners will do it perfectly for you, offering a full service from appetizers to service. Celebrate your wedding with us!

 We offer:

      • Terrace (30m2) – surrounded by the old trees on the bank of the lake.

      • Hogweed stands – for the ceremony or the procession by the party house

    We can help you prepare and decorate the premises and places you have chosen, starting with the decorations, the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s pin, ending with the champagne, snacks and a cake after the wedding ceremony.

    Overnight stay

    You can watch the sunset and wake up in a romantic idyll in our stylish lakeside accommodations.

    We can accommodate up to 50 guests in 3 all year-round cottages and 3 luxurious, spacious glamping tents and 3 bell tents. We collaborate with neighbouring accommodations, where additionally up to 30 guests can be accommodated.

    The day before the wedding:

    To prepare for the celebration of the special day in a calm atmosphere, we offer your more active friends and family members to spend the night at Dundurini, and after all the preparations, relax and get in the mood for the big day while enjoying a hot tub in the lake on a raft.


    To those wanting to spend their special moments at Dundurini, we suggest to contact us as soon as possible.


    Minimālā cena ir 50 eur /h  par svinību mājas izmantošanu ( nelielām svinībām) savukārt visa kompleksa īre(Svinību māja un naktsmītnes 50 personām ) no 2380 EUR.

    Kāzu gadījumā nev iespējams rezervēt tikai Svinību māju bez naktsmītnēm, jo Svinības un citu viesu vienlaicīga atpūta pie mums nav  iespējama.
    Ja vēlēsieties, varēsiet papildus nomāt naktsmītnes iepriekšējā vakarā un svētdienā, lai turpinātu svinēt dzīvi vai baudītu romantisko idilli pēc lieliskām svinībām. Par citiem pakalpojumiem, kā piemēram, dekorēšana, ēdināšana u.c. ja būs nepieciešams,  vienosimies atsevišķi, ņemot vērā jūsu vēlmes un vajadzības