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About Us

We believe that everyone deserves a moment of relaxation in a tasteful, comfortable and well-appointed environment, whether it is a holiday home or simply a tent site. In “Dunduriņi” you will get a peaceful and meditative or an active and vivid experience – the best we can give. We believe that everyone is special, so we want you to feel that way here.


“Dundurini” is a cherished idea of the family. We thought it would be a sin to keep such a scenically beautiful and peaceful place for ourselves. What is gained by giving is inalienable, so we want to share with you the peace, the special feelings that come over you as you approach the picturesque Sasmakas lake. In addition, we want to give you the kind of rest that we would like to receive ourselves.

We are a big, friendly and fun family - mother Ieva, father Raivis, brothers Kārlis, Mārcis, little Robert and sister Daniela. There are a couple more "children" in our family - three dogs and two horse girls, whom you can meet when you visit us. We will make sure that your vacation with us is like a breath of fresh air in the race of life.


Dad, Raivis has always had a dream to have his own corner, his own corner of the land by the lake. We know that dreams do come true, because a part of the ancient Arlava manor park near Lake Sasmaka became our family’s property in 2015. On the other hand, mother Ieva, looking at the beautiful place, could not be calmed by the dream of creating her own business – according to her own understanding, standards, to create a place for a family business with her energy and creativity. A place where the new generation of the family could also gain work experience in the summer. And my mother’s dream also came true – in cooperation with the Northern Kurzeme LAD, it was possible to implement a project for the creation of a recreation area. And this is just the beginning of our plans, because the dreams continue.


The project “Creation of the recreation area “Dunduriņi” on the shore of Lake Sasmaka is implemented under the sub-measure “Implementation of activities in accordance with the community-driven local development strategy” of the Latvian Rural Development Program for 2014-2020, financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Rural Support Service

The creation of the recreation area "Dundurini" was supported by the ERAF project "Regional business incubators and creative industries incubator" and Talsi county municipality.

Supported by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia

Supported by Talsi District Partnership